I've rented with this company almost 5 years, always a high level of professionalism. all maintenance requests handled in a timely manner. apartments very clean every time I move in. Great company if you're a parent worried about your child having a great and safe college experience
- Andy Brown
I want to thank John and the staff of Continental Realty for the excellent management of Woods Edge. My wife and I purchased unit 2095 in May of 1994, as a second home. I was impressed that the association and Continental Realty was able to build a healthy capital reserve to finance the inevitable future needs for an assortment of capital improvements.
- N Rich
So far, so good. We own our townhouse, but Continental is responsible for getting the condo stuff done--shoveling snow, mowing grass, etc. We called for maintenance once and they were very helpful. Also, they allowed us to do direct deposit for our monthly fee and everyone I have talked to there is pleasant and friendly. They are easy to work with.
- Leaf Blank
It can be difficult to persuade homeowners to vote to increase their condo fees based on potential future liabilities. But bankers and lenders do check the condition of the condo association's finances when making decisions whether or not to grant a mortgage to a willing buyer. Eventually, most unit owners will become a seller and concerned with the condition and value of the development. We witnessed the inevitable re-roofing projects, new sidings, the various deck rehabilitations and expansions, the remediations to the carports and re-pavings of the Mary Ellen Land and the tributary streets. I don't mean to ignore or omit the aesthetics and maintenance work performed as they do add to value and tend to instill pride in the development. My wife and I bought #2095 for 52,500 in 1994, and sold for 133,000 in 2011. When the "housing bubble" burst in late 2008, I was afraid the resale value would be very depressed. I was pleased that the unit kept a relatively good value. The continued maintenance and ability to finance necessary property improvements in Woods Edge is due, in my estimation, to the able management team at Continental Realty and the Woods Edge Association. Thank you, again.
- Letah Travern
I have no complaints about my experiences with Continental Real Estate. Right when I moved in, when issues were noted such as a burnt out light bulb and bathtub that had something wrong with it, they were responded to quickly, and dealing with the office to get them fixed was no issue. I always prefer to stop by an office in person rather than call, and talking to the people at CREM was always much more pleasant than the people at GN or the Apartment Store. Donny is especially awesome to work with, they should give him a raise for being so helpful.
- Jackie Dougherty