Continental has 25 years of experience in the field of association management and is the leader in the Centre Region with more than 80 associations participating in our comprehensive association management program.

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Continental Real Estate Management, Inc. will provide the following services:

  • Collect monthly homeowner’s fees and all other revenue at the direction of the Board.
  • Payment and monitoring of all expenses at the direction of the Board.
  • Prepare annual proposed budgets for Board consideration.
  • Take necessary action to collect delinquencies.
  • Deposit funds into an operating account and pay common expenses.
  • Utilize a general ledger accounting system.
  • Review all contracts annually.
  • Prepare budget annually.
  • Mail monthly income and expense reports by the 5th of each month.
  • Provide monthly income and expense budget comparison.
  • Assist third-party CPA/Accountant with preparation of federal tax returns.
  • Send correspondence and notices to homeowners.
  • Answer mortgage company questionnaires.
  • Prepare certificates of resale.
  • Conduct periodic property inspections.
  • Prepare sinking fund analysis for replacement of common elements of the buildings.
  • Attend a reasonable number of meetings at no additional charge.
  • Coordinate maintenance, snow, and landscaping vendors.
  • Provide competitive landscaping and snow removal bids to the Board annually.
  • Three pool operators on staff.
  • Provide Reserve for Replacement Analysis that will cite the recommended monthly contribution to the reserve account.
  • Prepare reserve cash projection.
  • Attorney on retainer at no additional charge to Association.
  • References provided upon request.

Association Consulting

  • Review of Association Declaration of Condominium/Bylaws
  • Review & Advise On Rules and Regulations
  • Advise on Enforcement/Collection Actions
  • Assist With Executive Board Organization/Duties/Training

Additionally, Continental carries a $1,000,000 employee dishonesty policy, $1,000,000 errors and omissions policy, and $4,000,000 in general liability insurance coverage.


For all you association management inquiries, fill out our Contact Us form. For more information, contact John Hanna or Bobette Myers at 814-238-1598.